What we do?

Web design

We develop and operate our own sites, as well as make that expertise available to our customers. Building on a strong coding experience and an eye for detail, we produce the site that is tailored to the exacting requirements.


We work with existing teams, to help and advance their projects. Whatever may be the skill required, we will always be willing to take part.

Computer Based Training Systems

Over the past decade, we have produced many CBT systems. Many of these have been supplied to the international Military deployable telecommunications industry. Included in the development, we have also written the courses, produced the graphics, recorded the voiceovers and compiled the quizes, all as part of the complete package.

Software development

Need an application? We will always endeavour to fulfil your requirements.



Banner Panel is an incredibly useful tool for those who own or run websites.

If you wish to put lots of banners on to many websites, the issue would be keeping track of what you are displaying and where. Banner Panel provides the solution with a very simple interface, which lets you define:

  • your websites
  • areas for banners on those websites
  • your banners

then you can easily connect banners to banner areas and define the proportion of impressions for each banner.

Place the code onto your webpage and take control from BannerPanel.

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Links to Link at

For many reasons, URLs or Hyperlinks can be very long, or just plain too long for the medium you want to send it by.

'Links to Link at' is a link shrinker. Just enter the link address in to the input box and click 'Shrink'. You will be shown the castly shrunk link address.

Registered users can also:

  • keep track of their links' clicks
  • utilize the shrinker in their own site with api

To make things even easier, you can drag the 'Shrink this!' link to your toolbar, so you can Shrink the address you are currently viewing without copying and pasting.

If you are a site owner, you can place a 'Shrink this!' link on your site, and let visitors Shrink your address for spreading the word.

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Musterfy was written to do what other sites didn't. Designed to useful and for ever evolving, it make life simpler and more connected.

With your own Musterfy sub-domain (e.g. sparky.musterfy.com), you have a page which is totally customizable, that can contain:

  • your favourite/useful links
  • your news feeds
  • Facebook feeds
  • multiple Twitter feeds

Other widgets include:

  • updates statuses at the same time

      • Musterfy
      • Facebook
      • multiple Twitters
  • friends online
  • messaging
  • BBC iPlayer
  • calendar
  • notes

and more...

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The golf social site that let's you record your scorecards and those of the friends you played with. Keep track of you your doing and compare your progress with your friends.

Gauge your improvement with the automatic handicap calculator, review past scorecards and see which of your friends have played recently.

There is a forum and a messaging system provided, to keep you in contact with other golfers.

Search the database of nearly 30,000 golf courses Worldwide.

If you work for a golf course, you can also become the administrator for the data of the course. Giving the opportunity to display a lot of information, photos, scorecards and maps.

MyRounds is totally FREE to use, so join the Golf Social today.